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Laser Skin Care

Correcting blemishes, removing marks, and improving the condition of your skin

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laser skin care

Laser Hair Removal

Rectifying hair growths that get in the way of the image of your best self

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laser hair removal

Female Rejuvenation

Restoring satisfaction as well as comfort and confidence with lasting results

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Skin Tightening

Recovering the plumpness, glow, and youthfulness of the skin around your body

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skin tightening

CynoSure Laser

The latest in aesthetic laser technology and FDA-approved for your needs

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cynosure laser
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Female Rejuvenation in New York City, New York

Is life pulling you further and further away from your ideal vision of self? Choosing to undergo cosmetic treatment is a big deal, so you deserve the help of a professional with access to the latest technology, top-notch expertise, and a facility designed to deliver.

Enter Dr. Arthur Dove. After starting a growing primary care practice, he is now ready to serve the people of New York and its surrounding cities and counties with Cynosure Elite, Envi, Vitalia, and more modern laser technologies. Start your aesthetics surgery in New York City, New York, with his help today.

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

HARLEM LASER CENTER aims to elevate the standards of restorative and aesthetic solutions by bringing the latest in surgical laser technology. We promise a high degree of comfort before, during, and after procedures, keeping you informed and prepared as you receive the results you need in your aesthetic wellness journey. Expect us to uphold your peace of mind, personal goals, and good health above all.

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